The plumbing and pipe fitting course is designed to create an appreciation of the industry and develop professional skills within the plumbing and piping industry. The programme is designed to produce capable and knowledgeable graduates in industrial and domestic water system, waste disposal and irrigation system. Trainees also acquire knowledge in oxy acetylene gas cutting, welding and brazing.


Module A courses include:

Plumbing Induction, Health and safety, Plumbing processes, Plumbing princiles, Pipe Fitting, Introduction to Gas Welding, Workshop Technology, Technical Drawing, Technical math, Swimming, Communication skills

Module B courses include:

Sanitation system, Cold water system, Domestic Hot water system, Gas Welding 11, Pipe Fitting 11, Gas Cutting, Welding Safety 1, Engineering Drawing, Workshop Technology, Technical math 11, Survival Swimming 11, Project costing 1, Communication Skills 11.

Module C courses include:

Cold and Hot water system, component, Sheet metal weathering, Environmental Awareness, Gas and Bronze Welding, Plumbing Blue Print, Job Site Safety, Corrosion control and coating, Project costing 11, Survival Swimming 111, Computer Aided Design (CAD), Entrepreneurship.

Employment opportunities:

Employment prospects are very high in the oil & gas, manufacturing, construction, process industries etc in addition to a range of roles in other public sector agencies within and outside Nigeria.

Final Award:

GIPI Professional Diploma, Nigerian Institute of Welding Membership.

Duration: Twelve (12) Months for Professional Diploma

Entry Requirements:

Open to applicants with the following; WASC, ND, BSc./HND in Engineering and Sciences or its equivalent ,for the 9-12 months programme. OND ,WASC, Trade Cert., C&G intermediate and Trade Test Certificate in Engineering and Sciences or its equivalent, for the 6 months programme. Applicants must be in good physical condition and also have good eyesight. We recommend that you have your vision tested and corrected, if necessary, before starting welding training.

Nature of Assessment:

Piping and Plumbing trainees are assessed by a combination of methods including:- Practical skill examinations - Written test/assignments - Attitude