About GIPI

The philosophy of Gateway Industrial & Petro- Gas Institute is reflected in the motto “Skills for Development”. The Institute is committed to aiding individuals’ develop marketable skills through quality training at minimum cost. We are also committed to making industry more competitive by conducting training to solve peculiar industrial problems.
GIPI strives to develop new and better training methods and materials for courses presently offered by the Institute, and also to make training available to all.
GIPI strongly oppose discrimination against any group or individual in terms of colour, sex, age, race, creed, ethnic background or social status. Thus, the Institute’s Vision and Mission are:

To be known as an Outstanding Quality Human Resources Development Centre. A centre of excellence for training of manpower for the Construction, Process and Oil &Gas Industries all over the world

To be an undisputed leading Institute that turns out best qualified and certified manpower to meet and exceed the challenges of the Oil & Gas and other Industries

We are set up to achieve the following key goals and objectives:
  • Attain the Institute’s Benchmark mission of “Delivering knowledge and developing technical competence”.
  • Enhance the employability of graduates of the various technical skill courses by providing them with high quality and industry driven training to meet and exceed the needs of the oil & gas, construction and process industries.
  • Demonstrate or showcase the promotion of the private / public partnership resolve of this government, by improving professionalism in the various technical fields.
In addition to these objectives, the Institute is preparing to float short courses for technical and management personnel.