Tai Solarin University of Education, operates a Collegiate system. In this system, the major academic units (Departments) are grouped into Colleges which are semi-autonomous. Deans head the Colleges, while Heads of Departments of professorial rank head the Departments. If there are no professors in any College or Department, Acting Deans or Ag. Heads (not below the rank of a Senior Lecturer) are appointed to head the College and the Departments respectively. All appointments in respect of Head of Department are made by the Vice-Chancellor on the recommendation of the Deans of the Colleges and they hold office for periods ranging from two years (Ag. Heads) to three years (Head of Departments ).

School of Engineering Technology

The College of Sciences and Information Technology constitutes part of the main Colleges established in the University. The college has seven Departments which include: Department of Biological Sciences, Department of Physics and Telecommunication...

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School of Information and Communication Technology

Education in its broadest sense provides the background against which development acquires its real meaning. This reality is clearly articulated in the Nattional Policy on Education which states that any existing contradictions, ambiquities and la...

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School of Marine Studies

The College of Social and Management Sciences forms part of the major Colleges in the University. The College accommodates five Departments: Department of Economics, Department of Political Science, Department of Geography and Environmental Manage...

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School of Management Studies


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